Click here and find your Weekly Torah and Haftarah Portion that was read when you were born. It is believed your calling (ministry direction) and Hebrew name is encoded in your portion. Jews normally select their child's name from the portion that was read on the Shabbat just before his/her birthday. The main theme in the Torah and Haftarah is your ministry/calling as YHWH has ordained for you. Once the page is open put the year and month of your birth in the fields and ensure you tick all the fields before you click enter; you must also select "Sepahardic + Hebrew" in the other box, you read your portion and decide if it is where your passion for YHWH's work is, enjoy.

If you would like us to analize your name and receive a certificate then contact us at It is about 5 hours research work and we do this work to receive additional work as to put our children through University (R250 / $25 (US) per individual – Payment via PayPal (at our Homepage, our account email address is ) or EFT (bank details at our Online Store).

Click here for an example of a certificate which will be mailed to you on receiving of your payment