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08 What is Hebraic Roots (PDF Download)


What is Hebraic Roots? (PDF Download)


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What is Hebraic Roots? (PDF Download)


You have heard the terminology many a times "Get back to the Roots of your faith", or "Follow the Ancient Paths of your faith". Well what is it all about, a new sect or the belief-sistem Yeshua (Jesus) embraced whilst He was living amongst men?


Many beloved Christians are sceptical with a person exploring his Hebrew Roots, and you cannot blame them. A part of these Christians do not even know what the adherents of the Hebraic Roots believe in, or have never bothered to find out. Many are uninformed and make a blanket statement that it cannot be good.


Then there are many in the Hebraic Roots that also give this movement a VERY BAD NAME, extremist, hard-headed individuals that FORCES THEIR DOCTRINE on poor Christians and really make them scared, frustrated and even angry.


The worst thing and Believer can do is to FORCE A DOCTRINE onto another Believers. There are 41,000 different Christian denominations, churches, movements, organisations, etc. (2013), then add to this the vast amount in the Hebraic Roots movement. Yes total chaos! Who is wrong and who is right?


Why is it so wrong to FORCE your doctrine on another person? Well first of all, you are going OUTRIGHT AGAINST GOD Himself. God says His Ruach (Spirit) will teach you all things (John 14:26). Who is any person to FORCE his/her doctrine on another person? If any person says "only my doctrine is 100% correct", then that person makes himself all-knowing and omniscient, in other words he ELEVATES HIMSELF to the status EQUAL to the Almighty God Who is the ONLY Sovereign! Beloved ONLY God knows everything and is 100% correct!


That is why the author acknowledges openly that he CANNOT say his doctrine is 100% correct. He CANNOT claim that he is perfect! He tries to the best of his ability to give seed under the supreme authority of God’s Spirit, but STATES CATEGORICALLY it is ultimately the SPIRIT OF GOD that must convince a Believer to accept what is written or reject it. That is why each and every book of the author has the word WE INFORM, YOU CHOOSE on the front page.


If we all apply this simply humble rule then we WILL NOT sit with 41,000 different denominations and churches, etc., Churches splitting and fighting over drag in our lives. All it takes is a humble spirit and allow God to be God.


Now, this simply booklet was written to the beloved Christian so that he can understand what this Hebraic stuff is all about. It is nothing new, in fact it is from Biblical times and how the first believers believed.


This booklet is the A-Z of Yeshua belief system and gives you the information you need to make an informed decision... (Size A5) (PDF Download).

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