‘God’s Calendar: The True Calendar(PDF Download) View larger

‘God’s Calendar: The True Calendar(PDF Download)


God’s Calendar: The True Calendar (PDF Download)

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God’s Calendar: The True Calendar (PDF Download)


Which calendar is correct, the Egyptian, the Aztec, the Indian, the Buddhist, the Christian Calendar the Roman Catholic designed, or any one of the literally hundreds of different calendars?


A return to all truth is also a return to understanding and observing God's Sacred Calendar.


The most widely used calendar today used by beloved Christians was named after a Roman Catholic pope, Gregory, who decreed all should follow its definition. This calendar literally symbolizes the change of "times and laws". The true power of this calendar is demonstrated by its widespread use in the beloved Christian Church and the western secular world.


Come journey with me as we venture deep into the Scriptures to establish God’s calendar. Once you understand this calendar then all Scripture falls neatly into place and your understanding of Scripture will exponentially grow. (Size A5) (PDF Download).

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