Bloodline Curses: A Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download) View larger

Bloodline Curses: A Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download)


Bloodline Curses: A Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download)

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Bloodline Curses: A Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download)


"Our fathers sinned, they are no more. We have borne (been punished for) their crookednesses." (Lam 5:7.)


Have you ever seen a family where the mother has a certain problem, her daughter seems to have been "handed it," and the grandma had the same problem? Also, often people who are adopted end up with the same characteristics as their biological parents, not because they were around their biological parents to learn how they behaved, but because they inherited their spiritual bondage.


There are many dedicated beloved Christians today who are living under bondage that the sins of their forefathers have brought them under:


"watching over kindness for thousands, forgiving crookedness and transgression and sin, but by no means leaving unpunished, visiting (punishing) the crookedness of the fathers upon the children and the children’s children to the third and the fourth generation." (Exod 34:7.)


Have you ever asked why ONLY up to the FORTH generation?


Example, many children learn to be messy if their parents are messy, i.e. leaving things lying around, rooms are untidy, leave clothing on the bathroom floor, etc. They just do not have the drive to discipline themselves to live in a tidy and orderly environment. They are comfortable to return to a room later the day which is in a chaotic state and continue to spend time comfortably in the room without tidying up.


This is a spiritual bondage that is passed down from one generation to another. The symptoms of a generational curse are a continual negative pattern of something being handed down from generation to generation.


Other common symptoms of generational curses are family illnesses that seem to just walk from one person down to the next (cancer is a common physical manifestation of a spiritual bondage), continual financial difficulties (they continually hit roadblocks in their finances), mental problems, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, persistent irritations, fears, depression, etc. Anything that seems to be a persistent struggle or problem that was handed down from one generation to another may very well be a generational curse.


What you are about to study on bloodline and generational curses, from the fundamental principles and Hebraic perspective, will blow your mind!


Brace yourself, this book will encourage and help you as we come to the real understanding of unnecessary problems in our lives. Make sure you distribute it to loved ones without delay! (Size A5) (PDF Download).

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