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The Promise – Understanding the Two Houses (PDF Download)


The Promise – Understanding the Two Houses (PDF Download)

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The Promise – Understanding the Two Houses

And Hashem took the children of Israel out of Egypt, and brought them into the wilderness of Sinai. This happened 3 months after their departure out of Egypt. There at the foot of Mt. Sinai Hashem instructed the people through Moses, to wash themselves and to be sanctified.

And after 3 days Hashem descended upon the mountain and made a covenant with the people, that they will be unto Him a Kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Everything that Moses received from Hashem, Moses shared with the people. All the terms of the contract was stipulated, His commandments and His decrees, and the promises if they adhered to it. And the people responded:

"All that Hashem has spoken we will do."

Such was the wedding covenant that Hashem made with the children of Israel. Hashem the Bridegroom, and Israel His special treasure and His Bride.

In order for us to understand the context of this book, it is important that we familiarise ourselves with this important chapter in the Scriptures, which Moses instructed the people at Sinai.

This book begin with a the background information about the circumstances during the United Kingdom of Israel in the days of King Solomon, and the subsequent splitting of the Kingdom into the Northern Kingdom, and the Southern Kingdom, and the consequences thereof. During most of our spiritual education, few of us have really had the exposure to the history of Israel concerning this very important part of its history. It is only when we begin to study this specific period of the story of the Kingdoms of Israel, that our understanding of the Scriptures begin to open up to new truths that lay buried in time, until this specific generation, as prophesied by the prophets of Israel.

With this new insight about this specific time in Israel’s history, we are given spiritual keys to unlock so many wonderful things in the other prophetic books in the Scriptures, that will forever change one’s relationship with the Scriptures, answering many unanswered questions, wherein we gain better insight about Hashem’s planning of all events in the life of man, and specifically His special relationship with Israel, his bride/wife, and their role as a Kingdom of Priests. It is the Kingdom of Israel’s duty to educate the whole of mankind in the will of Hashem. Teaching all of us from His Torah, (His handbook of Creation as it were) and His purpose with creation and the duty of man, and man’s interaction with Him, our fellowman, and the rest of creation.

In this process of discovering many details that we were not familiar with, and the Hebraic metaphors that we learn, the Scriptures become a whole new Book. We have to be teachable and re-educate ourselves about various facts and information that we have inherited from former generations, simply because it was not in Hashem’s prophetic clock to reveal these things before a time like this. We are living in the end of days, and many things are happening all over the world, which can’t be attributed to man, but is a sovereign work of the Creator of the Universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who made a special covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai.

Content of the book:

• Preface
• Introduction
• Background information of the prophet Jeremiah
• Jeremiah Chapter 30
• Jeremiah Chapter 31
• Background information of the prophet Ezekiel
• Son of Man
• Ezekiel Chapter 35
• Ezekiel Chapter 36
• Ezekiel Chapter 37
• Millennial Land Allotment
• Leviticus 26
• Bible Confirmations of the Return of the Tribes of Israel
• Bibliography

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