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Losing Weight God’s Automatic Way: Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally!


Losing Weight God’s Way (PDF Download)

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Losing Weight God’s Automatic Way: Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally!

Beloved friend, two-thirds of the Western World’s population is overweight or obese. Young kids are getting what have traditionally been adult-type diseases— Type 2 Diabetes and / or heart disease.

Even more shocking is that most of the remaining third of the Western World’s population is obsessed with their "body image" and suffer other fatal diseases such as Bulimia or Anorexia.

It is a fact that we as a people are fatter than we used to be and do much less physical work than the previous generations. Many say it is not an issue as: "There are effective treatments for the complications of obesity such as medicines for high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and excess blood sugar." Of course, a lifetime of pills and doctor visits isn't ideal—particularly for the young generation who is "the most medicated in history".

Ok the secret lays in speeding your metabolism up so that your metabolism works for you whilst you sleep, in other words, activate what God automatically designed in your being. 

This book gives you sound understanding and advice in the following areas:

•Tips To Overcoming Weight Problems.
•What is Metabolism?
•What Causes Slow Metabolism?
•The 10 Point Plan to Increase your Metabolism.
•The 10 Fundamental Foods that Increase your Metabolism.
•How These 10 Fat-blasting Superstars Help You To Lose Weight.
•Other General Foods That Speed up Metabolism.
•What the Various Food Do and How the Benefit You.
•The Metabolism Boost Life Style.
•The Ultimate Training Program (minimum minutes per day)
•How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Brace yourself, this book will encourage you and help you to get your body back in shape, God’s Way!

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Book Size: A5

Number of Pages: 27

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