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Come journey with us through our Mega Store and view the various collections we offer to enrich you as a Believer in your walk to Hebraic maturity. Our easy accessible products are high quality, affordable, kosher, stylish and our store is user friendly.

What You didn’t Know

We sincerely thank you for supporting HRTI Mega Messianic Online Store. Your support empowers and assists us to expand YHWH’s Kingdom. Allow us to explain…

• Our Website hosting costs us R150 per month (Rand, our currency in South Africa).
• We are on a mass mailer package costing us another R1,500 and we are upgrading soon due to the volume of recipients signing on. The upgraded package will be R2,400 per month.
• We pay a subcontractor R5,000 per month to run the Online Store, doing all the programming, load new products, etc. etc.

The total amount comes to R7,550 per month divide by ±8.5 = $888 (US) a month.

From the PDF books sold on our Online Store we strive to cover the $888/month running and operational costs. On top of that we also subsidise needy Believers with free bursaries for Formal Studies as well as inmates in various prisons around the globe. We also support and elderly lady who stays in a shelter in the USA who does all our proofreading. HRTI bought her a computer to assist her in generating an income to sustain herself, and we also bless her with $150 every month. We currently hardly generate $200 a month from the PDF Download books, smile; HRTI basically sponsor the rest out of our pockets as we are passionate about helping the needy.

The rest of the income from the other products on the Online Store, tallitot, CD’s, DVD's etc., goes into a separate account which is dedicated to help underprivileged elderly people in South Africa.

We also have more than sixty HRTI Agents globally, distributing all our (HRTI’s) books for free in the underdeveloped countries.

Finally we sponsor an entire "Seven Years to Perfection Yeshiva School" to the needy at no cost at all anywhere around the globe, postage and shipping included.

Beloved as you can see our hearts are towards assisting the needy and we do not take anything for self-enrichment. We are prepared to send you the list of the HRTI Agents distributing our books, lady whom we support in the States, details of students whom received free bursaries, or whatever information you required to test our integrity.

Once again, thank you for helping us to help the needy. Please continue to pray for this ministry on a daily basis.


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