The Revelation of Y’shua HaMashiach – Full Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download) View larger

The Revelation of Y’shua HaMashiach – Full Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download)


Revelation of Yeshua Hamashiach – Full Hebraic Perspective! (PDF Download)

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Revelation of Yeshua Hamashiach – Full Hebraic Perspective! (PDF Download)


This book takes you verse-by-verse through the entire Book of Revelation. The two core themes are the fascinating revealing of Yeshua (Jesus) as the Lion of Zion!

What makes this book a best seller is the fact that it is not written as all the other Revelation books with 'one-sided opinion', no, it gives various possible theories and outcomes on many topics, for example:

> There is no Pre-Trip Rapture and, there is a Pre-Tri Rapture (or Mid-Trip, etc).
> The Bride will go through the Tribulation and will be protected by God as in the Wilderness or, the Bride will be removed to the Heavenly Chuppah (Wedding Chamber) and escape the Tribulation hour. (Both narratives will consistently flow through the book and be backed by Scripture).
> The length of the Tribulation, seven of three and a half years.
> The various theories on the dragon with the seven heads and ten horns.
> Islam is awaiting "Jesus the Jew" (Eesa) to return as Messiah in their prophetic writings and he must make his appearance in Damascus. Daniel prophesied that the Antichrist will appear from north of Israel. Isaiah calls the Antichrist the Assyrian. All the same area! Will this "man" fulfil the prophecies of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Budaism and be accepted by all as the Messiah but turn out to be the Antichrist? As Islam’s Eesa (Jesus) must appear with the Imam Mhadi (False Prophet), so will these two be accepted as the Antichrist and False Prophet?
> Theories will be given that the Antichrist will be a literal man, and also as a system, i.e. the Club of Rome, which divided the entire planet into ten regions (Rev 17) to manage it better. 
> And a host of other never gripping topics…

This is a first-off FULL HEBRAIC perspective which neatly fit into our motto, "We Inform, You Choose".

In conclusion, many had sought to predict the cause of human events, but none have had the incredible accuracy of the ancient Hebrew prophets! Did you know that prophets thousands of years before Yeshua’s actual birth spoke 65 prophecies over His birth, life, death and resurrection, concerning His First Coming? Did you know each and every one of these 65 prophecies was literally fulfilled with unprecedented accuracy? That is why all the prophecies on Yeshua’s Second Coming will also be literally fulfilled with unprecedented accuracy in the very near future!

You need to read this book as Yeshua’s return is imminent! Brace yourself, this book will challenge and encourage you. (Pages 247 A4)

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