Jewish Eschatology: A Hebraic Understanding (PDF Download) View larger

Jewish Eschatology: A Hebraic Understanding (PDF Download)


Jewish Eschatology: A Hebraic Understanding (PDF Download)

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Jewish Eschatology: A Hebraic Understanding (PDF Download)


Beloved friend, Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jew and all Jews throughout the ages and today think like Him, yes in a very distinct way.


Further, the prophets were all Hebrews and always think in THIS set way, especially when it comes to prophecies and end-time events.


This booklet was specially written for you, the beloved lover of end-time events and eschatology, as to fulfil your passion to unravel the end-times!


I want you to ponder on the following for a second with an open mind: "…there are reported to be approximately 41,000 Christian denominations, groups and Churches" according to Wikipedia (2013), the most powerful Encyclopedia world-wide. Now, each one of these dear Christian denominations has its own way of looking at how the end-times will unfold. The question is: Who of these beloved truth-seekers are wrong and who are right as only one can be correct, right?


There is only one way to solve this problem… Yeshua was both a Jew and Hebrew and to make any sense of Scripture, and ESPECIALLY the end-time Scripture, is to view it through HIS Jewish eyes.


Brace yourself, this book will reveal the jaw-dropping principles and patterns in Scripture to really understand Yeshua and the prophets’ end-time messages. If one, only one, of these patterns disagrees of these encoded messages in the Scriptures, then the message for the end-time has been incorrectly interpret. Yes absolutely correct, it is an encoded failsafe system arranged specially by God! Applying these rules beloved friend, will ensure the correct understanding of the end-time prophecies.


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