Messianic Age - The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 6: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age View larger

Messianic Age - The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 6: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age


Messianic Age - The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 6: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age

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Understanding the Messianic Age, also known as the Thousand Years Peace Period or the Millennial Reign, is imperative for every believer. This series takes you to this period and beyond! A believers guide into the future. 

All Things Made New, Into Eternity:

Not much is known or written about the Believer’s destiny into the future, especially not from a Hebraic mind-set; the mind-set of Yeshua, our King and Saviour!

Divine information in the Bible is shrouded in mystery. Described by numbers, information is presented to its reader as an equation, begging to be solved.

A day is a thousand years is the epicenter of major Judaic concepts related to the destiny of humanity. Broad in scope, it addresses a universal audience but focuses primarily on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. 

The 7,000-year plan of the God is a major concept and foundational truth in understanding Bible prophecy and eschatology. The Rabbis of traditional Judaism understand that God gave the seven days of creation in Genesis as instruction to teach His people that there are 7,000 years of time from the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the end of the Messianic Age. Each day in creation represents 1,000 years in time. This is based upon connecting Psalm 90:4 to the seven days of creation. In Rabbinic literature, it is also taught that each day in creation represents 1,000 years of time. 

The traditional Jewish view of each day of creation representing 1,000 years of time is also expressed in the New Testament in 2 Peter 3:8-10 as it is written and directly ties it to the Old Testament and the end of the Messianic Age (1,000-year reign of peace).

We have Judaism explaining everything in great detail to the end of the Messianic Era and all is then shrouded in mystery. What happens after this period? 

The New Testament is the only source that adds to it and gives staggering revelations on what happens after the 7,000 year period, come and embark on a futuristic journey to learn about the biggest mystery in human history; your destiny into eternity…

Some of the topics covered for this mysterious period are:

•All Things Made New Overview.
•The Purification Process Of Heaven And Earth.
•The New Jerusalem City.
•The Occupants Of The New Jerusalem.
•Life And Living Conditions In The Eternal City.
•Seven Names For The City Of God.
•Twelve Blessings For Man On The New Earth.
•Who Will Be Allowed In The New Jerusalem City?
•Is The New Jerusalem A Cube Or A Pyramid?
•The Blazing Eight-sided Pyramid Of Giza Seen From The Moon And Can Be Seen from Israel.
•The Astonishing Accuracy Of The Giza Pyramids.
•The Bible Explains The Enigma Of The Lion Headed Sphinx And Pyramid Of Giza.
•Isaiah’s Prophecy About An Altar 'Sign' And 'Witness' In The Middle Of Egypt – The Giza Pyramids Is Exactly in the Middle.
•Isaiah’s Altar In Egypt Decoded In The Hebrew Text: Mind-boggling Coding Accuracy Connected To Giza.
•No Egyptian Hieroglyphics In Giza As In The Other Pyramids.
•The Builder And Reasons For The Pyramids Of Giza Identified.
•The Construction Material And Foundational Site Of The Giza Pyramids.
•The Three Chambers Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza: Kings, Queen’s And The Underworld.
•The Capstone Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza And Yeshua’s Words.
•The Ark Of The Covenant Fit Exactly In The Coffer Dimensions Inside the Great Pyramid.
•Into Eternity.

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