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Mysterious Spirit World Explained Biblically: A Hebraic Perspective Part 3


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Mysterious Spirit World Explained Biblically: A Hebraic Perspective Part 3

The Mysterious Spirit World: A Hebraic Perspective is the A-Z manual on Demonology, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and the Various Topics from the Underworld Explained in Great Detail. Revelation truth revealed as never before!

A must for Spiritual Warfare, Intercessors, Counsellors and Teachers!!

You are about to embark on a journey to life on the ‘other side’. This ‘other side’ is the Spirit World which includes the ‘afterlife’. The Spirit World is a sobering reality and is more real than the one you are living in now.

This is what God’s Good News is all about. Y’shua’s sole purpose was to come and teach, proclaim, and to make a way for us to enter the ‘KINGDOM of Heaven’ just about every time He spoke.

Most of what happens in natural life is shaped by the spirit world. God is Spirit, and whatever decision is made in the Spirit World influences and determines everything in material life. The abstractness seems to be conducive to breaking all of the rules that normally apply to science.

Atheists, including most scientists, say there needs to be evidence or proof of the Spirit World before they consider the subject. If there is any amount of proof, they immediately defy it. They always contrive and claim someone else needs to do the proving—a strategy from satan himself.

This book answer puzzling topics such as:

•What is Heaven and Hell?
•The Bible speaks of the 3rd Heaven, where is it and what is the 1st and 2nd Heaven?
•What is the difference between demons, wicket spirits, fallen angels and nephilim?
•What are the 5 chambers in the underworld the Bible speaks about?
•What are the 5 reasons why Y’shua descended to the Underworld?
•And many other intriguing topics!


1.What is the First Resurrection and who is involved? (how does it differ from the Firstfruit Resurrection and the Second Resurrection?)
2.Details of what happens to the Bride after the Marriage with Yeshua? (understand the concept of the Jewish Wedding Tradition from the OT).
3.What will Satan's power basis be during the Tribulation and why will he have this unlimited power again?
4.What is the deeper implication that it will be as in the time of Noah? (this is so deep and the manifestation of spiritual being will manifest once again as in Noah’s time and ‘they’ will be eating, drinking and giving in marriage!).
5.Why are children being conditions with toys that ‘transform’ or can so-call ‘fly’, etc?
6.Why does the Antichrist dramatically change personality at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period? (why are the Bottomless Pit, another one of the 5 chambers of the underworld opened at this time?)
7.What will happen at the Second Coming with Yeshua’s appearance concerning the underworld? 
8.What is The Lake of Fire and Who will go there?
9.What happens to the Righteous Souls after the 1000-years?
10.What is an Age and what is a Dispensation?
11.God’s Plan for the Ages is encoded in what happened and what will happen to the earth.
12.God’s Plan is also Encoded in the different Time Periods of Seven.
13.God’s Holistic Plan and Great Details Encoded in the First 7 Chapters of Genesis.

Brace yourself, this book will challenge and encourage you. Make sure you share it with your loved ones without delay! 

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Book Size: A5

Number of Pages: 38

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