Shabbat: A Messianic User-Friendly Family Guide: Guidelines to Honour the Shabbat (Festivals Book 1) View larger

Shabbat: A Messianic User-Friendly Family Guide: Guidelines to Honour the Shabbat (Festivals Book 1)


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Shabbat: A Messianic User-Friendly Family Guide: Guidelines to Honour the Shabbat (Festivals Book 1)

More and more Beloved Christians are asking questions on the Biblical Feasts. The Shabbat focus primarily on the Brid; with men spoiling their wives on this special weekly rest with flowers, etc.

The truth is that God has always had His important 7 POINT PLAN OF SALVATION foreshadowed by His yearly festivals and has always had His most important eschatological events fall on the dates of these festivals. In other words, God’s redemption plan for mankind is encoded in the seven main feasts of Leviticus chapter 23. The Shabbat however is a weekly feast and is also encoded as a High Holy Shabbat in each of the seven main festivals.

The sole purpose of the weekly Shabbat is to serve as a vivid reminder how the Millennial Reign under Yeshua (Jesus) will be with His Bride: meaning with tremendous celebrations with Yeshua when all things are made new! That is why God instructs us to have a 'rest feast' with ample eating, exceptional family time and studying the Word, as those are the things you will enjoy in the Millennial Reign. 

This book explains the Shabbat in a fascinating new way; it is a practical guide for any person who desires to celebrate a weekly 'mini-Messianic Age'. It is designed that all participants around the table at the Shabbat Feast Meal work through the book in a fun and relaxed way. Questions are asked and any participant may answer; this way you work through the meal in such a way that it captures the Believer’s attention.

Content of the Book:

•The Kindling of the candles by the women and the explanation why the woman kindles it.
•What the meaning of Sabbath is in relation to the Millennial Reign.
•The purpose of Shabbat.
•Why the Shabbat is treated as a "bride" and "queen" – the focus is on the woman.
•What the washing of the hands symbolizes in relation to the Ruach (God’s Spirit).
•The Kiddush Cup.
•The "double loaves" – challah – in relation to Yeshua the Bread of Life.
•The family takes turn and blessing each other.
•Ending of the Shabbat Saturday evening.
•Suggested Prayers and Blessing are included.

It gives you the fun practical steps as to how you can or may celebrate this 'feast' as an individual or group (you select what you prefer and what is comfortable for you); it makes everybody involved with fun and excitement!

(BOOK IS UPDATED! Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.) 

Book Size: A5

Number of Pages: 18

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