Which of the 613 Laws Apply to Me? (PDF Download) View larger

Which of the 613 Laws Apply to Me? (PDF Download)


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Which of the 613 Laws Apply to Me? (Size 140 x 195mm) (Pages 37) (PDF Download)

Many Believers are asking the questions: "Can one follow the Torah (Law) fully today? If so, which of the Torah Instructions must we do?"

HRTI welcome you to become part of the group who search for the "truth" (emet). A wise man once said, "Research is the process of elimination, whatever remains is the truth". We are Scripturalists (taking Scripture literally and in the historical context), therefore we desire to eliminate Babylon from our lifestyle and worship.

This booklet is a first-off working manual which believers in a group or individually may use to study each Mitsvah (Instruction of YHWH). Each of the 613 Instructions from YHWH is listed in categories with a reference verse(s). Space is also provided for you to write additional reference verses in as well as the Messianic Writings’ (New Covenant’s) reference. On top of that a special tic box is also provided to identify which laws do now apply to you, i.e. on Temple Priests, if you are not a farmer, if you are not a female, if you are not a business man, etc., which eliminate a vast amount of Instructions not applicable to you.

We encourage you to walk this journey with us on the "ancient old path" leading to holiness, which is headed by our Messiah and King Y’shua HaMashiach, into our Father’s Kingdom. Come and study with us and report to No. 613 Torah Street, where you will find delight for your soul…

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