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Eating Rules For Christians: A Hebraic Perspective


Kosher Eating: A Hebraic Understanding (PDF Download)


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Eating Rules For Christians: A Hebraic Perspective

Eating Rules For Christians: a Hebraic Perspective is a book explaining the New Testament Scriptures in context. Kosher eating is instituted by God solely to protect human beings and nothing beyond that. A must read!

Ok this is THE BIG one that causes endless arguments! Beloved friend, can you eat cats, dogs, pigs, snakes, hyenas, cockroaches, yes, and even human beings, as long as you 'just pray' over your meal?

Would you go and eat at a friend if he serves cats and dogs for a barbeque? Is it detestable for you? Why does God say in two places that 'certain meat' is an ABOMINATION to Him? What does abomination mean? Is He schizophrenic and say "okey I have changed my mind, will you excuse me, please eat now whatever you want in the New Testament?" 

Do you know that all the meat, every single one of them that you are not allowed to eat according to Scripture, are actually designed by God as HIS SCAVENGERS? They are designed by God to specially clean the air, earth and sea floor? They are part of His eco-system. 

Do you know that it has been scientifically proven that all these scavenger meats cause cancer and a heap of other sicknesses? Why do doctors instruct you to leave these forbidden meats as the first and foremost step when you are sick?

Have we, beloved Christian, perhaps misunderstood or ignorantly accept that eating these abdominal meats is okay with God? Do you REALLY understand these New Testament verses in context with the chapter they are in? 

Do you CLEARLY know that the Law in the Old Testament cannot save your soul? That it was never designed to save your soul? But it WAS designed specifically for your CORRECTION, PROTECTION and DIRECTION? To correct you and bring you back on the narrow road to the cross so that you can be PROTECTED against all sicknesses, etc.

This book sheds new refreshing light on the most misunderstood verses in the New Testament. A book that must be on the shelf of every Pastor and household. 

Make sure you share it with your loved ones to prevent them getting sick.

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