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Undeniable Facts Why Paul’s Letters Cannot be Discredited (PDF Download)


Undeniable Facts Why Paul’s Letters Cannot be Discredited (PDF Download)



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Undeniable Facts Why Paul’s Letters Cannot be Discredited (PDF Download)


Many beloved Messianic Believers today outright say that Sha‘ul (Paul) was a False Prophet. They say that his letters directly contradict the teachings of Yeshua and that of the Torah (Law) by Paul not upholding the Torah.  


Then there are beloved Christians that say Paul outright discredits the Torah and he teaches that the Law has been done away with, and for once the these Messianics and Christians agree on one thing  – Paul took the Law away...


Here is the logical reasoning to help these beloved Messianics:


Yeshua is the Messiah and cannot make mistakes.

Yeshua chose Peter (Kepha) to look after His Sheep (Believers).

Peter then must have been competent, trustworthy and intelligent.

Peter, this credible person whom Yeshua chose and Yeshua who cannot make a mistake, says that Paul was an great teacher and MANY will be confused by Paul’s teachings due to his EXTREME HIGH LEVEL OF TORAH EDUCATION and the fact that he spoke about at least 3 different types of law in his various letters and we, poor uneducated Torah scholars who did not even study Torah close to 30 years as the requirement was, want to come and proof Yeshua, Peter and Paul wrong: "He (Paul) writes the SAME WAY in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain SOME THINGS THAT ARE HARD TO UNDERSTAND, which IGNORANT and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction. Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by THE ERROR OF THE LAWLESS (Torahless) and fall from your secure position." (2 Peter 3:16-17). Note that Peter himself wrote this.


The main 21 areas of conflict were addressed in this book as to prove to sincere Believers that they have been mistaken concerning Paul’s teachings. All conflict areas were explained in context in this book.


Lastly, the author includes a couple of paragraphs from his other book "WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN TO WALK IN YOUR RABBI’S FOOTSTEPS?" to help you to understand that Paul’s level of training (not to mention Yeshua’s) exceeds ours by light-years:


Jewish education was made up of three primary sections…


Beit Sefer:


From ages 6-10 they would MEMORIZE Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. By age 10 they had memorized the entire Torah and completed Beit Sefer!


Beit Talmud:


Progressing on from Beit Sefer, it continued from the age of 10 to 14 (when it is the religious coming-of-age ceremony, normally at 13), and only the BEST OF THE BEST STUDENTS would continue in this stage. This next stage was called Beit Talmud. Beit Talmud meant House of Learning. From ages 10-14 the student would CONTINUE HIS MEMORIZATION of the Psalms, Prophets, and the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures (the TaNaCh). It wasn't uncommon in that day for a good Jewish boy to have the TaNaCh (OT) MEMORIZED by the age of 14. Think about it, by 14 years of age you had the ENTIRE HEBREW TEXT MEMORIZED! Even today in Jewish seminaries they still do this.


You would also at this age begin learning the Jewish art of questions and answers. In our western civilization today, we are into information transfer, but in those days, answering a question wasn't quite as direct. In Yeshua’s day the Rabbis taught you to answer with a question. So the Rabbi might say what is 5 and 5?, you could answer what is 15 minus 5 or what is 20 divided by 2? This not only told the Rabbi that the student heard and understood the question, but was able to process it and respond with a question of his own. So you would begin to learn the Jewish art of answering with questions.


When Yeshua’s parents came and found Him in the Temple He was 12 years how old, what did they find Him doing? Luke 2:46 says: "And it came to be, after three days, that they found Him in the Set-apart Place, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and ASKING THEM QUESTIONS."


When it came to Scripture Yeshua was the best of the best. He knew how to answer with questions. Why? Because of Beit Talmud.


Beit Midrash:


Now, at the end of your study at Beit Talmud, when you were around 13-14 years old, and IF you were the BEST OF THE BEST, then you would go and present yourself to a well-known respected, powerful Rabbi.


So, at the age of fourteen, the best of the best, the Harvard and Yale of the Jewish boys took the next step. All Jewish boys wanted to be Rabbis, because TEACHERS were the most respected people of the day because teachers were best able to know or serve God.


At fourteen, the Harvard’s and Yale’s best would approach a Rabbi and request to become his talmid and would say, "Rabbi, I want to become your disciple, your talmid, your student. Please let me in your Beit Midrash, your House of Study."


The Rabbi would then sit you down and ask you a lot of questions. The reason; to find out if you are really the best of the best. Each Rabbi wanted to teach his thinking and his interpretation of Scripture. Do you know what this was called? It was called "his yoke." Meaning, this Rabbi wants to know, when he is questioning this possible disciple, "Is this boy able to become a Rabbi himself and to teach and spread my yoke, my teachings on Torah, my Halachah," which would bring them closest to the Torah.


So the Rabbi would ask him all kinds of questions, many many question. This cross-examination would continue for hours. For instance, he might have asked, "Give me the four references to Deuteronomy in the Book of Habakkuk in order..."


And as if that weren't enough, the Rabbi would also engage the boy in what were called remezes. A remez is where the Rabbi would form his question based around a certain piece of Scripture, so he would quote, for instance, the first three verses of the passage. But the actual question the Rabbi was asking was about the fourth verse. Now, because the boy had been raised through Beit Sefer, Beit Talmud, and now needed access to Beit Midrash, he knew the Scriptures and his mind continued on through the next verses and was able to understand that the Rabbi was really referring to verse four with his question. The boy would then form his answer around another piece of Scripture and quote a few verses, stopping just shy of the one he was referring to or starting shortly after it. The Rabbi would then have to figure out what the boy was referring to and judge how well he had answered his question. If it sounds complicated, it was!


Now, only if the Rabbi believed that you were the best of the best, that you were able to become a Rabbi, He would say, "Lech Acharai!" – "You Go Forth!" Meaning, "Come, Follow Me!"


Then without hesitating, you would leave your family. You would leave your family compound, your, mother your father, your entire family. You would leave your village. You would leave the local synagogue where you had been studying, and your community and infrastructure. You would literally leave everything and you would follow that Rabbi, you would your entire life to the Rabbi. You would become a talmid, a disciple, a student for the next minimum 17 years till you were 30 and perhaps beyond that too. You would give your life to being exactly like that Rabbi. You would follow him everywhere without hesitating one bit, because you only had this one opportunity to become like him. Beit Midrash was a life-journey with no other alternative.


Now you understand why the fishermen dropped their nets and followed Rabbi Yeshua immediately when He said "Follow Me". Now who gave Paul a change to be trained, yes Gamaliel! Gamaliel was the most famous of all the Pharisee Rabbis throughout history.


Get this book to understand what Paul really said and not what we want to believe… (Size A5) (PDF Download).

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