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Paul’s Letters Defended: A Hebraic Perspective (Christian foundational Teachings Book 1)


Paul’s Letters Defended: A Hebraic Perspective (Christian foundational Teachings Book 1)



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26 accusations or incorrect interpretation defeated, Paul (Sha’ul) set straight at last from a Hebraic perspective…

The topics covered are:

Is 'Paul' Promoting Roman Catholic Doctrines?

The Origin of the Written Law and the Oral Law

What the Oral Torah Includes

Did the Roman Catholic Church Formulate the Bible?

The Formulation of the Bible

The Books the Muratorian Fragment Includes

The Birth of the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic’s Bible Books

Facts Established

Introduction to the Letters of Sha’ul (Paul)

26 accusations or incorrect interpretation defeated:

  1.             The Issue that Sha’ul is zealous for the Oral Torah (Gal 1:14)
  2.             Sha’ul’s Contradictions on Justification
  3.             We are "free from the Law"
  4.             Sha’ul’s Issue on "Righteousness"
  5.             Sha’ul’s View Concerning Abraham’s Justification
  6.             Concerning the "True" Apostle for the Nations
  7.             Was Sha’ul For or Against Circumcision?
  8.             Does Sha’ul’s View on Sin and Grace Conflict with That of YHWH’s?
  9.             Sha’ul’s View on Heathens Coming into the Commonwealth of Israel
  10.           Sha’ul’s View on Kosher Food
  11.           Sha’ul’s Doesn’t Quote Y’shua’s Words or What Y’shua did
  12.           Sha’ul Implies that "Works" are no longer Needed
  13.           Sha’ul doesn’t Stay in Context when he Quotes Scripture
  14.           Sha’ul the People Pleaser and Hypocrite
  15.           Sha’ul and the Working of the Spirit in Us
  16.           Sha’ul and the Children of Abraham
  17.           Sha’ul’s Logic Reasoning on “Cursed” is Anyone that Does Not Do Torah is Flawed             
  18.           Sha’ul’s Purpose of the Torah Contradicts the Torah Itself
  19.           Sha’ul Said Angels Gave the Law to Moshe
  20.           Sha’ul and When did Faith Come?
  21.           Sha’ul and the Predestined Doctrine?
  22.           Sha’ul’s teaching on Vessels of Honour and Vessels of Clay
  23.           Sha’ul Makes Up in Suffering for Where the Messiah Fell Short for the Church
  24.           Sha’ul in All His Letters Did Not Once Connect His Love for YHWH or Y’shua to Obeying the Torah
  25.           Sha’ul’s Churches all Moved Away From Him
  26.           Understanding Sha’ul’s Training


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