Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 2 View larger

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Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 2


Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 2

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Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 2

Demystifying the 'mysterious historical disappearance' of the Ten Tribes of Israel by reconstructing the historical events proving their present locations! Walk in the footsteps of these Israelites and experience their fate and glorious reconciliation awaiting them!

Book 2

The deportation of the Ten Tribes out of the Promised Land has eventually reached the zenith. The ferocious Assyrian fighting machine march them away from their beloved Covenant Land. Tears fill their eyes and a deep remorse burns in their souls, hearts in silence are crying out for mercy to the Great God of Israel, but no mercy is bestowed. 

The long tormenting journey to Assyria is taking a gruelling toll. Many women and children fall helplessly on the way; their dying bodies are thrown ruthlessly by the way-side like dung. Vultures and scavengers come closer in preparation to feast whilst family members look helplessly back, never to see their members ever again, no, not even a silent grave of remembrance. They would simply vanish from the face of the earth...

Nothing could prepare them for the conditions under the brutal and barbarous Assyrian leaders upon their arrival in the empire of Assyria! If only they could burn to death in the scorching sun on their journey during their deportation, it would have been a merciful death compared to what awaits them. 

In the Assyrian Empire, tormenting fear consumed their being every day. Observing a sunset meant you had graciously survived another lingering day. Ten Tribers cried by the hour in deep remorse for a word of mercy from the Great God of Israel, but the days, weeks and months however remained silent.

Jonah go and tell my Ten Tribe people that I am going to destroy them and their city Nineveh if they do not repent, the Great God of Israel bellows! For the 40 days of Elul leading up to Yom Kippur the Tribes in sack and ash mourn for mercy, culminating with souls shattering on the Great Fast. A voice from heaven declares to Jonah that Nineveh would be saved, 120,000 Ten Tribes would be spared due to them returning vehemently to him. 

Souls rejoice in the streets of Nineveh with engulfing happiness. Even the king of Nineveh repented. At long-last a miraculous break to depart has materialized, to a land outside the Assyrian Empire where nobody dwells, a land where they they can worship the Great God of Israel freely! The land of Arsareth, the land where they will worship the Great God of Israel in Torah principles with an unstoppable force... 

Days past as the members of the Ten Tribes travel, every soul with a grateful heart, never a single complaint during the remaining time of the one-and-a-half-year’s tormenting journey. As they approach the Caucasus area they could see Arsareth in the distance, a land majestic in beauty beyond the borders of the merciless Assyrian Empire! This will be our home, our beloved place of settlement and protection until the Great God of Israel restores us back to the Land of Israel…

The chapter contents are:

The Divine Purpose 
The Plan Through Ephraim 
The Plan Through Judah 

The Covenant of Mercy 
The Future Kinsman Redeemer 

Millions Left Before the Invasion of Assyria 
The Deportation Initiated 

The First Tribes to Leave 
Immediate Areas of Deportation 
Life in Assyria 
Forced Northward 

Route Northwards 
Journey to Iberia 

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