Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 3 View larger

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Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 3


Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 3

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Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 3

Demystifying the 'mysterious historical disappearance' of the Ten Tribes of Israel by reconstructing the historical events proving their present locations! Walk in the footsteps of these Israelites and experience their fate and glorious reconciliation awaiting them!

Book 3

Days pass as the members of the Ten Tribes travel, every soul with a grateful heart, never a single complaint during the remaining time of the one-and-a-half-year’s tormenting journey. As they approach the Caucasus area they see Arsareth in the distance, a land majestic in beauty beyond the borders of the merciless Assyrian Empire! This will be our home, our beloved place of settlement and protection until the Great God of Israel restores us back to the Land of Israel…

To understand what emerged from Arsareth and the surrounding people, it is important to know who the people were and some background on their origin. It is established that there were several important Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish migrations to the Kingdom of Iberia in Caucasus, separated by varying intervals. 

The first migration was the proto-type Iberians (Hebrews / Wanderers / Crossovers) from Eber, Abram, Isaac and Jacob’s children. Jacob’s grandfather Abram must also have had the J Haplogroup due to the lineage. These migrated to Caucasus Iberia any time from 2000 BC. This is mentioned by the Georgians’ own historical writings, the chronicles of Kartlis Tskhovreba, the History of Georgia, assuming that is from the lineage of Eber, Abraham, Isaac and then Jacob. These were none other than the Scythians and Cimmerians, also known as the Saka and Gimeri.

The second migration was the Ten Tribe Israelites from King Solomon’s Empire and the captives later during the 8th century BC from Assyria and the cities of Mede to 'Arsareth'. This is confirmed by the Books of Esdras. These Ten Tribers were also called 'Saka and Gimeri' after their Israelite brothers in the Caucasus area. The Israelites that stayed behind in Assyria and the cities of Mede were known later as the Parthians. They were all offspring from Jacob and had Jacob’s DNA. 

The third migration was the Jews from the Tribe of Judah, from Israel to Caucasus Iberia / Kartli / Mtskheta / Herki in the heart of the Arsareth area. This was at the time of the capture of Jerusalem by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, around 586 BC. At this time the Ten Tribers were already deported and relocated to Arsareth, with only Judah and Benjamin and some minority members of Asher and the other tribes left in Israel. 

The Georgian chronicles Kartlis Tskhovreba, the Life of Kartli, indicates that after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70, a large group of Jews came to Kartli and settled in Mtskheta near Jews who had already settled there. That is a reference to the Ten Tribers in Mtskheta who came to the location called Arsareth before Judah arrived. 

In addition, the size of the Hebrew population is not given in the Georgian sources, although according to the chronicles Kartlis Tskhovreba, their numbers were so large and their language so widely distributed that Georgians spoke "Jewish" as well as Georgian. The same source says that Hebrew and Aramaic was one of the six conversational languages formerly spoken in Caucasus Iberia. 

This book reveals the exact location of the mysterious Arsareth and the profound meaning of each of the names vividly chosen by the Great God of Israel – Iberia, Mtskheta, Herki, Zanavi – all placed in the heart of the Arsareth area!

From here many of the Israelites will migrate further into the unknown world…

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