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Part 15 - A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations (PDF)


Part 15: A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations

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Part 15: A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations


In theology the Messianic Age is a future time of universal peace and brotherhood on the earth, without crime, war and poverty. Many Abrahamic religions firmly believe that there will be such an age; some refer to it as the consummate "Kingdom of God" or the "World to Come", in Hebrew – the Olam Haba.


In the context of "Messianic Age", the earliest meaning of the word "messianic" is derived from notion of Yemot HaMashiach meaning "The Days of the Messiah", that is, the Jewish Messiah from the Tribe of Judah.


Messiah derives from Hebrew, meaning "the anointed one". Originally the "anointed one" referred to Aaron and his descendants, the Cohanim (Priests). Following the establishment of the kingdom of Saul, it could also refer to a king who was anointed with holy anointing oil as part of what might be understood to be his coronation ceremony.


Eschatology is an area of religious scholarship that deals with prophecies about "the end of the current age" of human civilization, and the Messianic Age is central to it.


In this research paper we examine the prophecies concerning the restoration of the Twelve Tribes, how life and the general conditions will be during this period and the structure of the rulers during this time.


The headings in this part cover the following areas:


1)     Introduction.

2)     Overview of the Messianic Era.

3)     The Timing of the Messianic Era.

4)     Hebrew Eschatology Overview.

5)     Reasons for a Messianic Era.

6)     What Will Activate the Messianic Era?

7)     The Earth Will Be Changed at the Beginning of the Messianic Age?

8)     HaShem Lift His Hand and His People.

9)     HaShem Forms a Spring.

10)  HaShem Digs a River Bed.

11)  HaShem Divides the Great City.

12)  HaShem Splits the Water.

13)  HaShem Heals the Eastern Sea.

14)  HaShem Weaves a Basket.

15)  HaShem Waters His Bread Basket.

16)  HaShem Fills His Breadbasket.

17)  The Earth Prepared for the Israelites to Return.

18)  Israelites Return to Jerusalem From the Four Corners of the Earth.

19)  An Ensign is Raised to the Nations to Gather the Tribes.

20)  Journey to the Promised Land.

21)  Gentiles To Aid the Israelites.

22)  All Tribes of Israel Restored Into the Holy Land.

23)  HaShem, Moshiach and King David Predicament.

24)  The Manifestation of Moshiach in the Millennium.

25)  Description and Character Trends of the Moshiach.

26)  HaShem Takes Israel As Wife Again.

27)  Zion, the City of David and Jerusalem.

28)  Zion and the Earthly Jerusalem the Gathering Place.

29)  Greater Zion Flourishes in the Wilderness.

30)  Zion Described.

31)  HaShem Will Dwell In Zion and Jerusalem.

32)  Zion Will Be Glorious.

33)  The Heavenly Jerusalem.

34)  New Boundaries of Israel and Jerusalem.

35)  Israel as The King’s Subjects in the Millennium.

36)  Conclusion.



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