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Cremation and Organ Donation: A Hebraic Perspective


Is Cremation and Organ Donating a Sin?: A Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download

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Cremation and Organ Donation: A Hebraic Perspective

Many Beloved Christians come to the point where they say, "I've reached the point in my life to make arrangements for my final resting place. I do not know if I must consider cremation or burial, or if I can donate some of my organs". 

Many also ask:

•Am I allowed to be buried in a mausoleum?
•Must I be buried underground? 
•May I store my body in a Cryonics laboratory? 
•What is allowed by God as I want to do only what God approves?
•How was Yeshua (Jesus) prepared and buried and is it still applicable today?

While researching the various options, I've discovered that many beloved Christian dominations and Judaism overall are VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to cremation. 

In this book "Cremation and Organ Donation: a Hebraic Perspective", I explained the origins and reasons for this stance and the many other aspects applicable to death. 

Many argue and say: "but Saul’s body was burned, why can’t my body be burned?" Saul’s body was NEVER burnt in context to be buried; come, find out why as you will be pleasantly surprised.

The topic that is going to surprise you the MOST is that Orthodox Jews, even today, follow the EXACT PATTERN and procedures the way Y’shua (Jesus) was prepared and buried! This off course is going to leave you breathless as many Scriptures from the New Testament will suddenly come alive for you!!!

We will also explore the various aspects of cremation and organ donation and God’s stance on it. You want to make the right decision…

Beloved, come journey with me to come to the real understanding of these topics.

Brace yourself, this book will educate you; make sure you share it with loved ones!

P.S. Thank you for your attention to my book and the topics discussed. If you appreciated the book, please be so kind to leave a short review. Also, please see my profile as I have many other books based on related captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Please come back regularly to see my vibrant new books.
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