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Crucifixion Site of Messiah Revealed: Astounding Information Exposed!


Crucifixion Site: A Hebraic Perspective (PDF Download)


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Crucifixion Site of Messiah Revealed: Astounding Information Exposed! 

The Crucifixion and Burial site revealed from the pages of the Bible! 15 'unquestionable facts' and jaw-dropping revelations!!! Simply a must read!

During 2008, whilst walking around in Jerusalem, I found myself being drawn to the Mount of Olives. I visited it a number of times, walking around the various beautiful 'holy' places and various churches that are scattered over the mount. I enjoyed the view at the top—the panorama of the old city of Jerusalem is quite stunning, with the Temple Mount dominating the scene. One verse, however, rang in my head continuously, "And the veil of the Holy Place was torn into two, from top to bottom."

I was already very aware of how much of a key place this large hill known as the Mount of Olives (or Olivet) played in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) life, and that the Scriptures make it very clear that some awesome events were to occur on this hill in the future. I also believe, as per the Scriptures, that Yeshua would return to this mount (Zech 14:4-5), the same mount from which He had ascended into the heavens, but I didn't fully realize then just how significant this place really is in God's plan of things for this present earth. During the years that followed, this fact became much clearer to me…

One of the fundamental principles in Jewish Eschatology is 'pattern', meaning that where something of significance happened, it will happen again in the same area! Now we begin to understand why the road up the Mount of Olives to this very day is called "the ascent of the Adams", simply the first Adam and the Second Adam were buried here. Dawid wept on this mountain at the place of the Scull, a place where Yeshua also wept, and much more…

The Mysteries of the Crucifixion is broken open as never before, brace yourself, this book will encourage you to visit the real crucifixion site! 

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