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King Solomon’s Empire Restoration: David’s Tabernacle Raised Up


King Solomon’s Empire Restoration:  David’s Tabernacle Raised Up

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King Solomon’s Empire Restoration:  David’s Tabernacle Raised Up

The end of the scattered Ten Tribes of Israel is remarkable, and it all boils down to one fundamental Biblical Hebrew principle – restoration to the original point of departure…

The modern western mind, Christians included, view Scripture and prophecy as linear, with a beginning and end. Meaning you depart from the original and end with a grand finale which is not connected at all to the beginning. This is fundamental Greek philosophical thinking.

The ancient Hebrews of the Bible and Rabbis, Hebraic Restorers, Messianics and Christians returning to their Hebrew Roots today, have always understood prophecy, the past, present and future, as circular. Meaning everything will return to its original created state, i.e. the curses over the world must be removed in the future so that we can return to that original state of the Garden of Eden. For that we have to look at God’s first Kingdom He set up on planet earth before it was destroyed; here we are talking about King Solomon’s Empire’s restoration and how the Ten Tribers will return to settle in it when Moshiach will reign as King over it!

The chapter contents are:



Overview of King Solomon

Chronological Overview


The Rise and Administration of the Solomon Empire

Who Are the Phoenicians Really?

The 'Down Under' Settlers

The Danite Argonauts

The Mystical Argonauts

What is the Golden Fleece?

The Israel Pass in the Caucasus Mountains


Unveiling the Curtain of King Solomon’s Wealth

Construction Projects

Wives and Concubines

Gold and Precious Metals

The Temple Project

King Solomon’s Sacrifice 142,000 Animals


Vassal Kings Under King Solomon’s In His Empire

King Solomon’s Treaties With Vassal Kings

Unusual Period of Peace

Landmass Area of King Solomon’s Empire


The Restoration: Reviving the Empire

Restoration of the Kingdom of David

The Extent of David's Reign 


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Number of Pages: 84

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