Is the Star of David from YHWH or Satan? (PDF Download) View larger

Is the Star of David from YHWH or Satan? (PDF Download)


Is the Star of David from God or Satan? (PDF Download)

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Is the Star of David from God or Satan? (PDF Download)


There are two opposing groups concerning the Star of Dawid: one embracing it and one opposing it.


Many questions arose from this much involved subject… is it evil? Where did it originate from? Why is it also used in the occult? And the list goes on.


The first fundamental question that one must ask is "DOES SATAN HAS THE ABILITY TO CREATE?" We know he has the ability to destroy but he does NOT have the ability to create at all. Our God is the ONLY creator and ONLY He can create. So what is the normal thing for satan then to do? Yes he will:


1) Turn truth into a lie.

2) He will turn everything what God intended to be perfect into something to advance his evil mission, and

3) He will certainly turn the Star of David, that is so PROFOUNDLY DESIGNED BY GOD INSIDE THE TABERNACLE since the Wilderness journey, into an occultic symbol, THIS YEARS BEFORE Masonics were even dreamt of!


Beloved, can God make a mistake? Come now, can satan create a Star of David? And since when can he claim glory to create? Furthermore, why do Believers in God give satan so much power by acknowledging that satan created the Star of David?


The Star of David is PROFOUNDLY in the Tabernacle and in the Temples to follow. It is the HEART of the Hebrew Aleph-beit. It is in the MOLECULAR STRUCTURE of pure water (Living Water). It is all over yet Believers are willingly blinded by the "master deceiver", satan himself, claiming that they have arrived at the utopia of revelation knowledge and can proof that the Star of David is satanic and occultic in nature.


Beloved if this is your thought, then you have just slapped the Almighty Creator God in the face by telling Him He had made mistakes. You need to revise your thoughts, or else God made a mistake in 1) the Tabernacle, 2) creation, 3) Hebrew alphabet and 4) many other places. And you need to tell God to take it out of the molecular structure of PURE LIVING WATER.


Come let’s look at the facts of the beautiful diagram and where the Architect, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Himself, has perfectly designed it into nature and the Scripture. (Size A5) (PDF Download with beautiful pictures).

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