Israel's Tribes, Genealogy and DNA: Is tracing my lineage descent possible? View larger

Israel's Tribes, Genealogy and DNA: Is tracing my lineage descent possible?


Israel's Tribes, Genealogy and DNA: Is tracing my lineage descent possible?

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Israel's Tribes, Genealogy and DNA: Is tracing my lineage descent possible?

Lineage testing can trace ancestry back to real people who carried a particular DNA type throughout prehistory until today. DNA tests to ascertain ancestry are now exploding in popularity! 

DNA testing is also the most effective means to solve crimes. By using DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, technology, any person’s identity can be established without doubt. 

DNA tests have now become a very popular tool for genealogists looking for additional evidence to help verify family trees. DNA tests can also help establish paternal and maternal ancestries, and there are also tests that can help determine whether a person is of African, Asian, European or Native American descent. Some of the newer genetic tests can even provide insight into possible inherited traits and disease risk.

Many of us are interested in having our DNA tested to learn more about our origins and ancestors. A DNA test is an analysis of DNA strands to identify matching markers among ancestral strands. In other words, a DNA test informs where you come from. Strand markers are used to compare your DNA to other strands and identify whether or not you’re related to another person or ethnic group. This can help you find family, and trace your lineage through time.

This book help people to understand the involved process to uncover information about their genetic ancestry.

The book "Israel's Tribes, Genealogy and DNA" focus on:

•Is it possible to establish if you are connected to any of Israel’s Tribes?
•If so, to which Tribe am I connected?
•I am a Christian, where do I fit in?
•The scientific evidence to prove the presence of the Ten Tribes in the Georgian Caucasus area.
•The location of the "Arsareth", mysterious location of the place of migration of the Ten Tribes, known by some as the Lost Ten Tribes. 

This book also covers the following exiting topics:

•Israeli State Announcement that it may begin to use genetic tests.
•What is Genetic Genealogy?
•Why Would Someone Want to Use DNA for Genealogy?
•What is DNA?
•What Is a Haplogroup and How Does It Work?
•How Are Haplogroups Identified?
•Are There Male and Female Haplogroups?
•Which Haplotypes are Identified in the Male and Female Haplogroups?
•What Is the 'Jews’' Haplogroup?
•What Are the 'J' and 'E' Haplotypes From?
•The Secret Things Belongs to God.
•Why are Genetic Studies On the Israelites and Tribes Important?
•The Evolving Process of Generic Research and Where We Heading To.
•The Twelve Tribes and Their DNA.
•Where Do I as a Messianic or Christian Fit In?
•Arsareth and the Haplogroups of the Diversed Georgian People.
•The Genetics of the Georgian People.
•Arsareth Confirmed!
•Additional Interesting Facts.
•Mt-DNA of the Caucasus Mountain Jews.
•The Origin of the Scottish People.

Come journey with me as we explore the profound "enigma" concerning your connection to the Israelite Tribes…

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